The Mysterious Paradox of Being a High Achiever with ADHD
A short, easy-to-digest 5-lesson online course designed to deepen your understanding of what it means to be a successful, high performer who also happens to struggle with ADHD.
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Research about ADHD says that people with ADHD have a very high risk for serious negative adult outcomes.

But you and I both know that isn't true for everyone with ADHD.

I mean, look at your accomplishments:

  • You've made it through college and maybe even graduate school
  • Earned a degree (or three!)
  • You've made a name for yourself in your career or climbed the ranks in your company
  • You might even be raising a family while you do all of this!

These are no simple feats! (Pause here to pat yourself on the back - you deserve it!!)
This course explores what is means to be a high achiever with ADHD.
 Unique Strengths 
What are your unique strengths and talents? What does it mean to put your time and energy on them and spent less on areas of weakness?
 Educational Attainment 
What strategies helped you in school that you could apply to your current life? What if you could identify supportive strategies that could help you right now?
 Hard Work 
You have the drive to work hard. What are you working on that is worthy of your time and energy? What are you working on that is not?
What does getting support of your ADHD look like? How can you get more of the support that you deserve?

Life can be less stressful and more meaningful.
I designed this course specifically for busy folks with ADHD. The lessons in this course are all less than 12 minutes and include both video and worksheet components.
Plus, they're built for desktop, notebook, or mobile access so you can literally do them anywhere!
Start getting control over your ADHD today.
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for $97
 Have a specific question about the program? Check out these FAQs and see if we've answered it already. 
How long is the program?
The program consists of 5 short video lessons, plus one worksheet activity per lesson. Each video is designed to be a succinct, easy-to-digest lesson about your ADHD and is no longer than 12 minutes.

How long will I have access to the course?
You will have unlimited access to The Mysterious Paradox of Being a High Achiever with ADHD course through your course portal. Should the portal ever be closed for any reason, you will have the opportunity to download the course materials so you can access them directly at any time.

Will I have to wait for any of the materials?
Absolutely not! I know how your brain works. You want (need!) access to everything right away and that's what you'll get. Once you register, you'll receive an email with login information to our learning portal. In the learning portal, you'll be able to access the entire course (all 5 lessons) immediately.
Meet Your Online Course Instructor
Casey Dixon

Casey Dixon specializes in lawyers and professors with ADHD, and other smarty pants high achievers struggling to keep their act together. She created Dixon Life Coaching in 2005 in response to the grievous lack of understanding and quality services for an often overlooked population… exceptionally smart, highly educated, wickedly talented, overstressed, overworked, overwhelmed, successful-on-the-outside adults with ADHD.

Together with her team of coaches, Casey develops and uses robust coaching models, coaching programs, courses, and intensives to help high achievers with ADHD get out of perpetual overwhelm and put themselves back in charge of their own lives.

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