Being a high achiever with ADHD is hard.  
You learned how to excel on the outside while you struggle on the inside constantly feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and stressed out.

You're doing your best, but you're tired of struggling, tired of making mistakes, and tired of feeling tired!
What if there were small changes you could make that would lead to big differences at work and at home?

Research about ADHD says that people with ADHD have a very high risk for serious negative adult outcomes.

But you and I both know that isn't true for everyone with ADHD.

I mean, look at your accomplishments:

  • You've made it through college and maybe even graduate school
  • Earned a degree (or three!)
  • You've made a name for yourself in your career or climbed the ranks in your company
  • You might even be raising a family while you do all of this!

These are no simple feats! (Pause here to pat yourself on the back - you deserve it!!)
BUT... what did this level of success cost you?
Even though you look like a capable, confident, successful high achiever on the outside, you're living in a state of overwhelm on the inside.

You depend on unhealthy coping strategies to get you through the day like:

✔ hyper-focusing on your projects
✔ pushing yourself to work harder all the time
✔ saying yes to everybody's demands...

All in the hopes that one day you'll be able to rein in your ADHD and get a handle on the chaos around you.

These strategies have gotten you where you are today, but at what cost to your health, happiness, and well-being? More importantly, they're not sustainable, and they won't get you to where you want to be.
I want you to understand something...
It's not your fault that you've struggled your whole life.

Having ADHD means your brain is hard-wired to function in a certain way. Executive functioning skills like time management, paying attention, getting started on tasks, and making decisions are harder for you than they are for people without ADHD.

And since you muscled your way through school and got by on pure dedication, no one caught the fact that it was harder than it needed to be.

But I want you to understand something – you don't have to do it like this anymore.

Instead you can learn healthy habits and tactics so you can:
Feel like you're in control of your ADHD, not the other way around
Enjoy a sense of ease and flow during your workday
Take time off without worrying about your productivity (Yes! Take that vacation you've been dreaming of!)
Be able to regulate your response to stress
Stay on top of your to-do list
Handle the burdens of procrastination and perfectionism
Ready to stop struggling and start thriving as a high achiever with ADHD?
You can with:

The Mysterious Paradox of Being a High
Achiever with ADHD

A short, easy-to-digest 5-lesson online course designed to deepen your understanding of what it means to be a successful, high performer who also happens to struggle with ADHD.


When a high achiever first comes to me, they use phrases like these to describe their life:
• Overwhelmed
• Chaotic
• Exhausted
• Stressed out
• Overworked
• Unsustainable
• At their wit's end
• Feeling like an imposter
• Barely holding it together
• Waiting for the other shoe to drop
• Hoping no one discovers their secret
But after participating in our programs
My clients start using different words and phrases to describe their life. I start hearing them say things like:

 I feel like I'm in control of my life (and my ADHD).

 I feel more grounded and less chaotic – the frenetic energy that drove me has diminished.

 I finally know how to manage my time and my energy so I can accomplish everything I need to do!
I also see them begin to tap into some of the unique gifts that their ADHD brings them... things like creative problem-solving, ingenuity and resourcefulness, and high-level visionary ways of thinking about their work.

It is amazing to watch them develop in these ways, and I want you to experience that growth, too!

That's why I created this program for you.

Life can be less stressful and more meaningful.
I designed this course specifically for busy folks with ADHD. The lessons in this course are all less than 20 minutes and include both video and worksheet components.
Plus, they're built for desktop, notebook, or mobile access so you can literally do them anywhere!
Start getting control over your ADHD today.
Meet Casey Dixon, M.S.Ed., PCC, BCC, SCAC
I've been a coach for people with ADHD for over a decade and I know with absolute certainty that high achievers with ADHD exist everywhere around us. They are in every professional field you can imagine – they're doctors, lawyers, professors, entrepreneurs, techies, and professionals with MBAs and PhDs. They are everywhere, and unless they get the right kind of support, they struggle every single day.

I created The Mysterious Paradox of Being a High Achiever with ADHD online course because I understand the unique needs that high achievers with ADHD have. In my years of coaching, I've worked with high achiever after high achiever to help them develop the tools and skills they need to manage their ADHD and optimize their brain functioning for increased productivity and better balance in life.
Dixon Life Coaching's ADHD programs are designed in a precise and intentional way to ensure you have the building blocks and foundational knowledge about ADHD to excel at each step along the way. Each step is designed to build on the previous program to maximize your learning, skill-building, and ability to create changes that last.
Where else you may have seen Casey Dixon...
Wondering what other people have said about Dixon Life Coaching?
Casey's models and their presentation were clear and illuminating. Casey is incredibly empathic and gifted at turning observation into insight, insight into action.
- Anonymous Past DLC Program Participant
Casey's approach is based on brain science. In her program, I learned techniques that have transformed my daily routines. Having ADHD often feels chaotic; what I learned from Casey allowed me to better understand my brain, accomplish more and feel better. I highly recommend her programs.
- Anonymous Past DLC Program Participant
Casey's style is fantastic--she's focused and still patient, and there is a care and intelligence to what she presents and how she responds to others. She's fantastic for professionals and has a clear sense of the stakes and specific challenges of particular professions that many others may not understand.
- Susan S, Past DLC Program Participant
I feel like I am equipped with enough knowledge, as well as an arsenal of techniques, to confront the ADHD obstacles that I will inevitably encounter. I feel comfortable identifying those obstacles now and combatting them with the appropriate techniques!
- Robin B, Past DLC Program Participant
Have a specific question about the program? Check out these FAQs and see if we've answered it already.

How long is the program?
The program consists of 5 short video lessons, plus one worksheet activity per lesson. Each video is designed to be a succinct, easy-to-digest lesson about your ADHD and is no longer than 20 minutes.

How long will I have access to the course?
You will have unlimited access to The Mysterious Paradox of Being a High Achiever with ADHD course through your course portal. Should the portal ever be closed for any reason, you will have the opportunity to download the course materials so you can access them directly at any time.

Will I have to wait for any of the materials?
Absolutely not! I know how your brain works. You want (need!) access to everything right away and that's what you'll get. Once you register, you'll receive an email with login information to our learning portal. In the learning portal, you'll be able to access the entire course (all 5 lessons) immediately.
Are you ready to get started?

I hope so because I'm ready to welcome you.

Let's do this!

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