Focused Health ADHD Coaching Workshop

 Learn how to navigate the intersection of your ADHD and chronic health challenges. 
Focused Health ADHD is a 4-week group coaching workshop that deals with the interaction of ADHD and chronic illness.

This program meets weekly for 75-minute group coaching workshops, and includes access to a private Slack group and laser coaching during group (time permitting) or in Slack as needed.
At the end of the four sessions, you will be able to:

  • identify and manage the interplay between your chronic illness and ADHD.
  • apply Dixon Life Coaching's 4-Step Performance Model to manage your physical health and ADHD.
  • use specific strategies to help you manage your energy and the triggers that deplete it.
  • practice implementing your new tools and skills in a supportive coaching environment.


Meeting #1: Thursday, May 4 @ 12pm-1:15pm ET (9am-10:15am PT)
Meeting #2: Thursday, May 11 @ 12pm-1:15pm ET (9am-10:15am PT)
Meeting #3: Thursday, May 18 @ 12pm-1:15pm ET (9am-10:15am PT)
Meeting #4: Thursday, May 25 @ 12pm-1:15pm ET (9am-10:15am PT)

Workshop Leader: Team Coach Emily Whelden          Program Fee: $425

Are you looking for support from a program that understands the interactions between ADHD and the challenges of chronic illness? If so, we have exactly what you need. Register below!

Meet Your Coach: Emily Whelden, JD 
Emily Whelden is an attorney-turned-coach who has trained extensively in ADHD coaching with Casey Dixon.

Before beginning her coaching career, Emily trained and worked for six years as an attorney doing legal guardianship work and approached that role very similarly to how a Coach would. To empower clients, Emily would share new perspectives that helped them identify their goals and values, learn to evaluate their circumstances, explore potential outcomes to their choices, and learn how to be comfortable with their decisions - all things she believes are fundamental to her role as an ADHD coach.

In addition to working with lawyers who have ADHD, Emily also enjoys working with high achievers who have a new ADHD diagnosis or are struggling with other health concerns in addition to their ADHD. As a former attorney who also has multiple chronic health issues, she understands how difficult it can be to manage life while dealing with ADHD.
Agreement for Focused Health ADHD Coaching Workshop 

You are enrolling in our small group coaching program called Focused Health ADHD (“Program”). As part of this Program, you will receive:

  • Access to 4 group workshop video calls that are 60-75 minutes in length via Zoom.
  • Access to the online group via Slack.

You can expect that we will fulfill certain responsibilities during the Program. As the Coach, we agree to:

  • Maintain the ethics and standards of behavior established by the International Coaching Federation “(ICF).” We recommend that you review the ICF Code of Ethics and the applicable standards of behavior.
  • Devote our full attention to the group during our time together.
  • Serve as group facilitator, mentor, and supporter.
  • Deepen your understanding of ADHD and help you manage it more effectively.
  • Offer support, encouragement, feedback, and guidance.
  • Build and create a supportive group environment with minimal disturbances pertaining to the elements we can control.

Likewise, we expect that you will fulfill the following responsibilities during the Program. As the Participant, you agree to:

  • Show up on time without distractions.
  • Come fully prepared for our time together.
  • Participate with care, kindness, and respect to other Program participants and your Coach.
  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality of the other group members and avoid sharing names and/or information shared by other group members with persons outside of your Program
  • Be open to new ideas and willing to stretch and grow.
  • Ask any questions you may have as they arise.
  • Use your best efforts to complete all action steps.
  • Promptly provide payment for the Program.

Contacting Us
Should you need to reach us between calls, please contact us between our 10:00 am - 5:00pm ET office hours via email. For technical or Program questions, please email For Program content questions, please email Someone from our team will do their best to respond to you within 24 hours on weekdays. We will do our best to reply to you by the next business day on weekends and holidays. Any emails related to your Program are for quick questions, and you will receive brief responses.

Group Calls
A schedule of our Program group calls will be shared with you during your enrollment in the Program or shortly thereafter, including the call-in-/login information to participate in the call. Please plan to come to the group calls on time. If you miss a group call, there will be no make-up dates for the call.

Call Recordings

Program calls will not be recorded.

You agree that you are financially willing and able to invest in this Program by choice, and that by so doing, you are not incurring any economic hardship in any way. Your investment is $425 and must be made upon registration in the Program.

Payment Authorization and Receipt
You give us permission to automatically charge your credit card or debit card as payment for your Program without any additional authorization, and you will receive an electronic receipt. Please note that chargebacks are not permitted, and you are agreeing that upon enrollment and by participating in this Program for any length of time, you will make payment in full.

Missed Payment
If there is a problem with the payment transaction or method, you will be notified by email and then have a 3-day grace period to make the payment following the due date, otherwise, your Program will be put on hold. If no payment is made within the 3-day grace period, your access to the Program will automatically terminate, and you will no longer be granted access.

Refund Policy
It is our intention for you to be thrilled with your Program. Yet, because this Program’s availability is limited, once you begin the Program, you have reserved that group coaching spot for yourself at the exclusion of other clients. For this reason, please make sure you understand my policies for a full refund, a partial refund, and no refund.

  • Full Refund. We offer a full refund minus a $50 administration fee if you withdraw from the Program at any time prior to 14 days of the Program’s start date and time. If for any reason you wish to withdraw from the Program within 14 days prior to the Program start date and time, then you may request a full refund of payment made minus a $50 administration fee by sending an email requesting the withdrawal and refund to
  • Partial Refund. If for any reason you need to or choose to withdraw from the Program within 48-hours after the Program start date and time, we offer a refund of 50% of your total investment for the Program. If you withdraw within that 48-hour timeframe, then you will be refunded 50% of the total investment for the Program minus a $50 administration fee.
    • If you paid in full, your investment is $425.00, and your refund will be $162.50. You must request a partial refund by sending an email requesting the withdrawal and refund to within 48 hours of the Program start date and time.
    • No Refund. If you register for the Program and do not withdraw within 48-hours of the Program start date and time, then no refund will be provided. If you decide to withdraw at any time beyond 48 hours of the Program start date and time for any reason, you still will remain fully responsible for the full cost of the Program and no refund will be provided.

    By signing below, you agree that you will not issue a chargeback for any payment made as you are fully aware of this Refund Policy and voluntarily consent to it. Should you attempt to issue a chargeback with your credit card company, this Agreement will automatically terminate upon such an attempt, regardless of whether the attempt is successful or not. You will still remain contractually responsible for payment in full for the Program.

Confidentiality Related to Group Calls
Confidentiality is important to us and to the group coaching experience. In order to create a safe coaching environment for all group members, we request that group members do not share names and/or information about any of the group process with persons outside of your Program, unless it is about your own personal experience with ADHD and/or coaching.

At the same time, because this is a group setting, you are aware that when you participate in a group call or interact with any group members by any means during the Program, including in all group calls and the online group, you are voluntarily sharing and disclosing information which may be seen, heard, collected and used by others. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for any unauthorized use of any or all of the information you share with other group participants, whether during the calls, online, in private conversations, or in any other manner.

We engage in training and continuing education pursuing and/or maintaining ICF (International Coaching Federation) Credentials. That process requires the names and contact information of all Clients for possible verification by the ICF. By signing this Agreement, you agree to have only your name, contact information, and start and end dates of coaching shared with ICF staff members and/or other parties involved in this process for the sole and necessary purpose of verifying the coaching relationship. No personal notes will be shared with the ICF.

According to the ethics of our profession, topics may be anonymously and hypothetically shared with other coaching professionals for training, supervision, mentoring, evaluation, and for coach professional development and/or consultation purposes.

Record Retention Policy 
The Participant acknowledges that the Coach retains records electronically with respect to documents, information, and data acquired or shared during the term of the Coach-Participant relationship. Such records will be maintained by the Coach in a HIPAA-secure content management platform for a period of not less than two years.

Your Work Product
We acknowledge that you hold all intellectual property rights in any of your work product resulting from participation in the Program, including but not limited to copyright and trademark rights as business ideas or content. We agree not to claim any such ownership in your work product or intellectual property at any time.

My Intellectual Property Rights
We retain all ownership and intellectual property rights to the Program content and all materials provided to you through the Program, including all copyrights and any trademarks belonging to us. The Program content and materials are being provided to you for your individual use only and with a single-user license which means that you are not allowed or authorized to share, copy, sell, post, distribute, reproduce, duplicate, trade, resell, exploit, or otherwise disseminate any portion of the Program or Program materials, electronically or otherwise, for business or commercial use, or in any other way that earns you money, without our prior written permission.

Media Release
By participating in our Program, you consent to our use of your comments used anonymously but including your professional title in all other coaching programs and all marketing materials, including, but not limited to, social media posts, website pages, newsletters and emails, blog articles, videos, podcasts, presentations, webinars, online courses, and books.

The use of any identifying information that could be directly linked to you, your name, photographs, videos, and/or audio recordings containing your image, voice, text, and/or likeness provided in any aspect of the Program, will only be used by prior written consent.

We keep a file of notes we take during coaching sessions for each client. We will retain these files for a year from the date of our last appointment. Then, the files will be shredded.

Personal Responsibility and Assumption of Risk
You acknowledge that you take full responsibility for yourself and all decisions made before, during, and after your Program. You knowingly assume all of the risks of the Program related to your use, misuse, or non-use of the Program or any of the Program content or materials. You agree to: (1) be mindful of your well-being during the course of this Program, (2) act with respect and care without causing harm to any other group members (including but not limited to their work product and/or other intellectual property rights or other rights), and (3) recognize that you are solely responsible for your results.

We have used care in preparing the information provided to you. Still, this Program and our Program materials are being provided as self-help tools for your use and informational and educational purposes only. Many factors influence results, so no guarantees can be made as to the results you will experience through this Program. You agree that we are not responsible for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, for your financial earnings or losses, or for any other result or outcome that you may experience through this Program. Nothing related to this Program is intended to be considered medical, mental health, legal, financial, or religious advice in any way. For specific questions related to a medical or mental health situation, consult your own medical or mental health professional. For specific questions related to your financial, legal, or tax situation, consult your attorney, accountant, and/or financial advisor. For specific questions related to religion, spirituality, or faith, consult your clergy member or spiritual healer. Do not start or stop taking any medications because of anything you have read or received through this Program. Any recommendation of any specific programs, products, or actions are simply offered for educational purposes, and you need to check with your own medical professional before using any of these programs, products, or taking any actions that may affect your body or your health in any way.

Limitation of Liability, Indemnification, and Release of Claims
We will not be held responsible in any way for the information that you request or receive through this Program, including our services, products, and Program materials and any other information you have received from or through us related to this Program to the fullest extent permitted by law. You agree that you fully and completely hold harmless, indemnify and release us from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, that you ever had, now have or may have against us in the future that may arise from your participation in the Program, including all services, products, and Program materials, to the extent permitted by applicable law. You agree to hold us free of all liability and responsibility for any actions or results for adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of specific information or recommendations that you receive through this Program.

If either of us wants to terminate the Agreement at any time, we both agree to notify the other at least 3-days in advance by email. Even after termination by either of us, all of the terms of this Agreement, including all of the Investment, Refund Policy, and Intellectual Property terms, will still apply to both of us now and in the future.

All correspondence or notice required regarding the Program shall be made to each of us at the respective email addresses in the signature block below. Should your email address, billing, or contact information change at any time throughout the Program, it is your responsibility to provide your updated information to us within 3-days of any change.

Force Majeure
In the event that any cause beyond my reasonable control, including, without limitations, “acts of God”/nature, war, curtailment or interruption of transportation facilities, threats or acts of terrorism, State Department travel advisories, labor strikes or civil disturbances, unforeseen or foreseen human-initiated circumstances, health or travel restrictions, quarantines, lockdowns or precautions imposed by any government entity or agency, local, state or federal law or ordinance, or other instances, make it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible for us to perform our responsibilities or obligations under this Agreement, either because of unreasonable increased costs or the risk of injury, we will not be liable for a reasonable period of delay or for the inability to indefinitely fulfill our responsibilities and obligations.

Entire Agreement, Assignment, Survivability, and Waiver
This Agreement contains our entire Agreement. This Agreement may be modified or amended at any time so long as the amendment is in writing and signed by both of us. You may not assign your rights or obligations under this Agreement to anyone else, and the obligations under this Agreement shall survive indefinitely unless otherwise stated in this Agreement. If we choose to waive or not enforce one or more terms of this Agreement, it does not in any way limit our right to later enforce every part of this Agreement. If any section of this Agreement is found to be unenforceable, all other sections shall be held in full force and effect.

Governing Law
This Agreement shall be construed according to the laws of the County of Lancaster in Pennsylvania, United States.

Dispute Resolution
Should we ever have any differences, it is hoped that we could work them out amicably through email correspondence. However, if we are unable to seek resolution in 14 days, we agree now that that the only method of legal dispute resolution that will be used is binding arbitration before a single arbitrator, jointly selected by both of us, unless we both agree otherwise in writing. You understand and agree now that the only remedy that can be awarded to you through arbitration is the full refund of your Payment made to date. No other actions or financial awards of consequential damages, or any other type of damages, may be granted to you. We both agree now that the decision of the arbitrator is final and binding and may be entered as a judgment into any court having the appropriate jurisdiction. You also agree that should arbitration take place, it will be held in the County of Lancaster in the State of Pennsylvania, US, where our principal place of business is located, and the prevailing party shall be entitled to all reasonable attorneys’ fees and all costs necessary to enforce the decision of the arbitrator.

You agree to not publicly or privately make any negative or critical comments about the Program, our business or us, or to communicate with any other individual, company, or entity in a way that disparages the Program or harms our reputation in any way, including on social media at any time. In arbitration or when required by law, of course, you are not prohibited from publicly sharing your thoughts and opinions. By checking the box on this Agreement and purchasing the Program, we both acknowledge that we have read, understand, agree to, and accept all of the terms in this Agreement. Electronic signatures of this Agreement are permitted and enforceable. You agree that you have had the opportunity to ask us any questions prior to signing, and your signature indicates that you agree with all of the terms of this Agreement.

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Focused Health ADHD
Program Fee: $425

What You'll Get:
This online Coaching Workshop includes:

  • Four 75-minute live group coaching workshops via video (Zoom) held on Thursdays from 12pm-1:15pm ET (9am-10:15am PT) on May 4, 11, 18 and 25, 2023

  • Access to a private online group for Focused Health ADHD group members only

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